Frequently asked questions

We realise that you may have questions. Kids' coding classes are a new thing. Hopefully, your question is covered in the FAQs below but if not, please feel free to contact me. I love to talk about what we are doing.

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Do I need to bring a device to class?

No. Future Coders supplies laptops for use in class. They are Windows computers so if you really want to bring your MacBook, please feel free. Future Coders holds no responsibility should it be damaged though.

What software will we need?

In short, all online classes require a free Zoom download, other classes may require a free download.

Scratch is web-based so this class requires no software. Roblox requires the free download of the Roblox Studio for making games and it is recommended that you also have the Roblox Player for playing games. Unity requires the download of the Unity Hub (community edition) which is free.


Does my child need to have any coding experience?

No. All level one classes are designed for kids with little to no coding experience. Please let me know what experience your child has to ensure that I place them in a class that will benefit them the most.


How can I follow what is happening in the classes?

You can follow Future Coders on Facebook and/or Twitter. I will also send out the occasional email to keep you informed. Also, please note that students can log into this website to see more materials based on what we do in class.


How are the classes structured?

The classes start in term 1 and new classes are added in other terms where needed to start new students. Once a student enrols in a course, you will recieve an invoice each term. If you wish to withdraw, just send me an email to let me know. Each term will develop on the last and after one year, you will definitely see a big difference in the confidence of your child with the appropriate concepts and platform.

What about COVID-19 and the red light restrictions?

The teacher is fully vaccinated and wears a mask during the drop-off and pick-up times for your safety. The teacher does not wear a mask while teaching and 2m away from students. There will always be hand sanitizer for the kids to use and they will be encouraged to use it before touching the computers. The computers are sanitised after each teaching day.


Do you have classes on long weekends?

No. Classes generally run every Saturday during the school term but not on long weekends and public holidays. For a list of all class dates in 2022, see here.

Special school holiday programs may be added during the holidays but these are not included in the class price.