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Introducing Unity classes for teens

Future Coders is a kids coding school in Palmerston North which is quickly growing in popularity and in 2022, it will add an attractive new offering to its course schedule. Unity. Unity is the game engine that brought you games like Pokémon Go, Hollow Knight and Cuphead. It is a versatile, industry-standard game engine that is the choice of many independent game developers. And Future Coders has developed a curriculum that will get teens coding their own games using this platform.

About Unity

Unity was released in 2005 for Apple Computers. Over the years, it has expanded beyond the Mac-OS to PCs, mobiles, consoles and even VR and AR platforms. Unity is free to download and try and while YouTube tutorials aren’t a comprehensive course, they can give you a good idea of what is possible.

Why Unity?

There are a few game development engines out there. The two most popular are Unity and Unreal Engine. It was decided that Unity was the better platform for these classes because it was easier to learn and while Unreal Engine was arguably better at creating top-quality environments for first-person shooters, Unity was more versatile, creating 2D and 3D games. And to be honest, for younger beginners, a shorter learning curve is more important than the ability to create graphics that are beyond the reach of beginners anyway.

What can teens learn on Unity?

In the first year, students will put together a couple of 2D games. After the first year, students will create a 3D world and learn how 3D games are made. The goal is for the students to complete at least a couple of 2D games and a 3D one.

In creating these games, students will learn about coding, asset creation, and workflow. The language used in Unity is C#, so students will become familiar with coding in C#.

Are these courses only for teens?

At this stage, yes. Younger students (10+) are encouraged to start with the Roblox course which will teach them all the same concepts in a simpler format, or Scratch for the really young ones (7+). If you are an adult interested in this course, let me know and if there is demand, I will build a course.


Quick facts about Unity

  • Unity exists in 25 countries

  • with 45% of the market share of the full feature game engine market

  • has 4.5 million registered developers under its platform

  • over 20 million mobile apps made with Unity

  • 174,183 unique games or apps made with Unity

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