Online classes

Learn to code online. Not with a program but in an online class with a live teacher. Online classes are run with groups of four students at a time using Zoom. There are currently 3 courses available depending on the age of the student.

Scratch coding classes for kids
Roblox coding classes for kids
Unity coding classes for kids

Making games with Scratch

This is a beginners' course using drag and drop programming. Kids will make their own games using the Scratch programming site created by MIT. 


Ages 7+

Making games with Roblox Studios

Ages 10+

Kids can easily make 3D games using a game engine that they are probably already familiar with. 


Making games with Unity

Ages 13+

This is an advanced course. The kids will be using Unity's interface as well as C# to make games.


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If you are interested to see if this class is right for your kids, please complete the contact form and I will get in touch. 

It is helpful if you include time preferences (Tuesday-Thursday 6-9NZST). 

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Contact (and primary teacher):

Glenn Wickins

Ph: 021 029 23673

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